Batco’s New 2000 Series Conveyors

Batco has taken their gentle handling, high capacity, and low maintenance long conveyor and make it even longer!

Batco Manufacturing is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Conveyor Series, the 2000 Series Conveyor. The 2000 Series is the newest member of the quality long conveyor line that includes a 1300, 1500, and 1800 Series models.

The New 2000 Series Conveyors range from 65’ to an outstanding 120’ in length. The 2000 Series also has a 14” tube diameter and is built for higher capacity (9000 bu/hr). Every Batco product is built with performance, innovation and safety in mind. Batco Manufacturing has 14 years of experience producing standard and custom designed conveyors that are engineered for gentle handling and high performance.

The New 2000 series conveyors are equipped with the following features

  • Standard weather guards on the belt return to protect the belt from rain, snow and wind.
  • Heavier undercarriage and a dual hydraulic scissor (on 65 to 105’ models) or a triple hydraulic scissor lift (on 120’ models) to provide more stability
  • Redesigned tube trussing to increase overall strength
  • Pinch S-Drive to allow for increased belt traction and easier maintenance
  • Drive options: Side PTO, Front PTO, Electric or Swingaway

All Batco conveyors aim to have long-lasting performance and low wear. Batco conveyors are developed to gently handle your most delicate crops.

For more information visit our
website at www.batcomfg.com.