Bag Handling Conveyors

| Bag Handling System

Our custom built bag-handling system reduces man power for transporting 100lb bags.

Designed for all bag-handling operations, either ground level or dock height warehouse.

| Features

20" belt

Durable solid decking

Electric drive (motor drives pump for all hydraulic functions)

Single operator required to stack bags at up to 20 bags/minute

| Available Lengths

Three Tier (extends 48', to fill a 53' container)

Two Tier (extends 24', to fill a 20' container)

Mobile (extends 24', to fill or stack wherever you need)

| Options & Accessories

| Hydraulic Side Move Wheel Kit

Installed on your Three Tier Bag Handler, the hydraulic side move wheel kit allows easy transport from bay to bay!  Or can be setup as a pivot kit to allow central intake and multiple discharge.

| Leg/Dock Kits

Can be set up for dock height or floor height.  Kits will convert the standard units to either application.  Contact us for details on how to make this machine fit your site.

| Custom Flat Elevator Conveyor

Custom built to any length - same durable construction as the Bag Handling systems.

Great accessory to your Three Tier Bag Handler

Primarily used in seed processing plant for handling bags

Can be used for handling silage in feed lots, or other applications

For more information on custom options, contact Batco today!