FX 2045 Series Field Loaders

Batco’s NEW FX Series Field Loader has been redesigned from top to bottom. 

The FX 2045 Series FL can reach under a 28' diameter hopper bin!

| FX 2045 Series

14" diameter tube 

20" wide belt

45' length

| Features

50% increase in capacity - 14,000 bph

Redesigned hopper flashing to keep grain on the belt

Discharge hood increased from 10" to 12.5" to accommodate the extra capacity

Stratigically placed engine controls, making them easily accessible

Hydraulic winch allows the unit to be adjusted up and down with ease

| Optional Heavy-Duty Mover 

Single lift cylinder with supported heavy-duty slider for added rigidity and stability

Hydraulic joystick controlled 4-wheel steering for effortless maneuverability

Spring loaded walking axles to keep tires on the ground

6.5" wide all-terrain tires for added floatation to allow the unit to ride over rough terrain

Standard Mover Kit also available

To view the FX Series brochure, click here.