2400 Series Field Loader

| Field Loader Features 

Weather guards are standard on all field loaders

Maximum service height at 30-degrees

2-ply Chevron with nylon slider back for proper traction

Plastic hood and collapsible canvas hoppers to provide cushioning for fragile materials

Extended low-profile hopper

| 2400 Series Field Loaders

Capacity up to 14,000 bph

14" tube

23.5" belt

35' length

| Drive Options

Pinch S-Drive
Pinch Top Drive


| Optional Heavy-Duty Mover 

Single lift cylinder with supported heavy-duty slider for added rigidity and stability 

Hydraulic joystick controlled 4-wheel steering for effortless maneuverability

Spring loaded walking axles to keep tires on the ground

6.5" wide all-terrain tires for added floatation to allow the unit to ride over rough terrain

Standard Mover Kit also available

**Also available as a 2400 Series Belt Conveyor

Product manuals and specs can be found by clicking here.